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Back Pain

Back PainOver 80% of the world’s population will suffer from low back (lumbar spine) pain at some point in their life. This can range from a minor ‘twinge’, that passes as quickly as it arrives, or it can result in persistent high level pain, severe loss of movement and disturbed sleep. Early intervention can be key to a quick recovery and can often help preventing further episodes.

Pain will often feel deep in the low back and buttock area, although sometimes the pain can refer down the leg(s). Pain in the legs with associated pins and needles or numbness is traditionally known as sciatica.

We treat all low back complaints from joint pain to disc injury to instability with the aim of reducing pain, regaining movement and restoring function. Identifying causes is important and once function is re-established, a tailored strengthening program will be designed to prevent further issues. This may involve Pilates, which we see as a fantastic adjunct to treatment in our approach. If we feel it necessary we may recommend referral to a spinal specialist, many of which we regularly work with.