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Hip Pain

Hip PainThe hip and groin is a complex area made up of the bones of the pelvis and hip joint, as well as muscles, nerves and many other soft tissue structures that cross that area. It’s complexity is a result of transferring force and weight are transferred from the lower limbs to the spine. These biomechanical issues can be the cause or result of injury.

Pain in the Hip and Groin can occur at any age. In older people conditions such as Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip joint and trochantaric bursitis whereas in younger people muscle strains, particularly around the groin, are common. Sometimes ‘impingements’ of the hip, associated with irregularities within the joint, or ‘hernias’ are seen. In some cases pain in the hip and groin area can be referred from the lumbar (low back) region.

Management includes addressing muscle balance around the hip and pelvis to restore function. Once this is established a tailored strengthening program will be designed to prevent preventing further issues. These exercises address any biomechanic inefficiencies and incorrect alignments especially when walking or running. These exercises often include those used in pilates and ‘core’ training.