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Meet The Team

James Ross Healthcare/ Physiotherapy/Osteopathy/James Ross

James Ross


James is an experienced musculoskeletal therapist practising a unique fusion of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. His ‘3 degrees’ in Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in combination with his acupuncture and Gunn IMS needling allow him to provide a comprehensive treatment approach to all his clients.

Following James’ physiotherapy training he combined his work in the NHS with a part-time role at Chelsea Football Club for 4 years. On moving to Bristol in 2004 he worked in private practice in a multi-disciplinary clinic treating the full spectrum of patients from elite athletes to complicated ‘chronic pain sufferers’. He took over the business in 2008 and has progressively grown joining forces with Grange Physiotherapy in 2013 forming Berkeley Centre Health. James has worked in First Class cricket at Gloucester Cricket Club and Premiership rugby at Bath RFC and has 15 years’ experience working with male and female athletes of all abilities allowing him to specialise in sports related injuries and rehabilitation. As part of James’ practice case load he also undertakes Medico-Legal and Occupational Health related work and has been teaching courses to physiotherapists for the past 4 years.

James Ross Healthcare/ Chiropractor/Trevor Jefferies

Trevor Jefferies


Trevor has always had a passion for health and fitness and been involved in ways such as boxing, martial arts, climbing, running and CrossFit. Trevor has also been worked in the industry as a qualified PT as well as teaching Boxing and Muay Thai.

Trevor was first introduced to Chiropractic care after a neck injury whilst on a training camp. He was amazed at the response his body had to the treatment and was soon on the road to recovery. This fuelled his interest in Chiropractic care and soon enrolled on the undergraduate course at Mctimoney College graduating as Doctor of Chiropractic.

Trevor is qualified in both McTimoney and Diversified chiropractic techniques.

Trevor believes that Chiropractic care can have a huge impact on enhancing the quality of people’s lives by enabling the body to function as it should. Being skilled in both these Chiropractic techniques along with soft tissue and exercise qualifications enables Trevor to prescribe the most effective treatment plan specific to your needs.

James Ross Healthcare/Physiotherapy/Nick Ward

Nick Ward


Nicholas graduated as a physiotherapist attaining his Bachelor’s degree from Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Upon completion of his studies in 2016, Nicholas moved to Bristol.

With a background in elite sports – having played Rugby for the Western Force under 20s, Nicholas has a keen interest in sporting injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

Nicholas likes to combine manual therapy and exercise in his treatment sessions to help restore function.

James Ross Healthcare /Physiotherapy Bristol/ Owen Lynch

Owen Lynch


Owen qualified as physiotherapist in 2001 from Nottingham University. He began his career working in the NHS gaining significant experience across a spectrum or medical disciplines before moving into treatment and rehabilitation private practice. Owen joined JR Healthcare in 2013

Owen has many years of experience working with a wide cross-section of clients from elite athletes to people who do sport for fun and fitness. Owen works closely with some of Bristol’s orthopaedic and neuro surgeons to provide post-operative rehabilitation and also works with local NHS GP Surgeries to provide a physiotherapy triage service.

Owen is qualified in acupuncture, manual therapy, taping and exercise therapy. He treats a full range of Musculo-skeletal problems including pain and stiffness in the spine, shoulders, elbows, hands, knees and feet.  As well as his clinical work Owen provides office based clinical consultations for many businesses in Bristol and Bath. He is also qualified to provide bike-fit services to cyclists with cycling related Inuries.

Natasha Ryan


Natasha has a bachelor of science degree in Sports Rehabilitation, giving her the tools to assess and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries.
Natasha can offer a range of treatments to help remove pain and ensure correct body mechanics are achieved and maintained. Treatments include sports massage, exercise prescription, taping, ergonomic advice and 1 to 1 training sessions.
She has gained experience from working with a variety of high level professional sport teams, including Bristol Rovers Football Club, Queens Park Rangers Football Club, Harlequins R.F.C, Great Britain Taekwondo and the Australian ladies cricket team.
Having trained as a kickboxer from the age of 5, Natasha has a first-hand understanding of what it is like to be injured and what it takes to achieve full recovery.
She is extremely motivated by her work and dedicated to providing the best quality of care for her clients, always willing to go the extra mile.

Abi Ruscombe – King


Abi is Certified as a Level 4 ‘Back Care Specialist’ Pilates Instructor, and Level 2 Gym Instructor. She uses this dual certification, along with an interest in pain neuroscience, and 9 years experience of working with all types of people, to help her clients manage and reduce pain, improve movement, strength, and function, and to get back to doing the activities they enjoy.

Having experienced debilitating back pain herself for many years, she understands the anxiety, fear and frustration that pain and injury brings, and the limitations it can put on living. Her aim is to help he clients find the best way OUT of those limitations and back to full activity.

Abi works only with individuals, in order to provide an individual and tailored approach. Her sessions combine a mix of Clinical Pilates, gym rehab exercises, and education around understanding and managing the pain experience.

James Ross Healthcare / Sports Therapy Bristol/ Terry Bees

Terry Bees


Terry is a very experienced Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer, with 17 years’ experience designing and managing training programmes for clients of all abilities.

Having completed his Sports Therapy degree, Terry was engaged in professional sports with Bristol City Football Club, and Gloucester Rugby Football Team, implementing training plans and providing sports massage.  He works with elite Martial Artists and Strongmen competitors both in and out of competition.

At JR Healthcare, Terry works alongside our team of physical therapists providing expert rehabilitation and injury management.


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