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Muskuloskeletal Acupuncture

The use of Acupuncture within physiotherapy treatment enhances the body’s repair mechanism and enables an improved recovery time, aiding other treatments to achieve effective results. At JR Healthcare our Physiotherapists are all qualified in acupuncture and will often use this approach in conjunction with other modalities.

Acupuncture can be very effective for reducing musculoskeletal pain, generally due to the release of pain inhibiting substances called endorphins and anti-inflammatory mediators into the body during the Acupuncture process. It is also used to facilitate relaxation in specific muscles to aid stretching and rehabilitation in muscle imbalances.


Intramuscular Stimulation (GUNN IMS)

This is a technique for the diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain syndromes (chronic pain conditions that occur in the musculoskeletal system when there is no obvious sign of injury or inflammation). The treatment, which utilises acupuncture needles, specifically targets injured muscles that have contracted and become shortened from distress. It can be very successful as a ‘stand alone’ treatment or used in conjunction with other techniques.

Discuss this with your physiotherapist as it may be appropriate for you.