A tailored programme to address your specific problems and meet your goals

James Ross Healthcare Bristol specialises in modern functional Pilates for pain reduction, injury rehab and movement re-education. We take the most useful parts of the Pilates repertoire and combine it with the knowledge gained from modern physiotherapy and injury rehab, to create a Pilates that is effective, safe and designed to benefit you in your everyday life.

Our aim is not to make you good at Pilates, it is to use the benefits of appropriately applied Pilates to make you better at the things you want to do. To achieve these goals, we only work with individuals and small groups. We believe that generic classes cannot provide the input you need to correct dysfunctional movement patterns, and can be inappropriate for those with pain and injury. We aim to provide you with a tailored programme to address your specific problems and meet your goals, be they management of pain and injury, or improving sporting performance.


Who are these sessions for?

My sessions are completely individual to each person’s needs. I work with all types of clients, from those with persistent pain, looking for pain management and gentle movement, to athletes and weekend warriors wanting to return to sport after injuries or address deficits in strength, stability and performance. As a keen weightlifter, I am very aware that each client will need a different mix, and adjust my sessions accordingly.

Who are these sessions NOT for?

Anyone wishing to do classical Pilates. I teach ‘Clinical Pilates’ which is a modified version designed to be suitable for those with pain, injury and returning to activity after surgery.

Can’t I just do a Pilates Class? Why should I have private sessions?

For those without pain or injury, a good class can be an excellent option. However a class cannot be individualised, and the teacher may not be experienced in working with people who have pain. Some of the exercises done in class may not be suitable for you. If you are struggling with pain, or recovering from surgery, or injury, it is advisable to have at least a few sessions one to one with an Instructor who can ensure you do exercises that are appropriate for YOU (rather than a whole class), and which will help you rather than hinder your recovery.

How much does it cost?

The charge for one hour is £45

The first session is an Initial where I take a full history, look at your posture, movement and stability strategies and discuss any findings with you. You will go away from this session with some basic initial exercises to do. Follow up sessions begin with time for you to talk about how you are getting on, and discuss any questions or concerns you have. The majority of the session is then spent working through movement and exercises to ensure you know how to continue the programme at home.

Your sessions seem very expensive?

I hold not only a basic Pilates Mat Instructor qualification, I also hold a higher level Back Care specialist qualification, and am a Gym Instructor as well.  It has taken me many years of study, and work to reach my current level of knowledge and experience. My charges reflect this, as well as the individual and personalised care you will receive. These are personal training sessions, and are charged as such.

Will I have to keep coming every week / for a long time?

Most people benefit from a course of sessions, because the body takes time to adapt and get stronger, and it’s important to keep challenging and progressing the process. Sessions may be taken weekly, or spaced out. It all depends on you, your recovery, and your preferences. You are not tied into any packages, and the benefit of private sessions is that you can arrange them to suit your schedule.

How do I get more information?

If you have any questions, would like more information, or wish to book a session you can contact James Ross Healthcare reception to leave your details, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.