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James Ross Healthcare /Pre and Post Op Physio Bristol

Pre/Post Op

At JR Healthcare we work closely with all the excellent Orthopaedic Surgeons in Bristol. Surgery is generally the ‘last’ resort in most problems and is usually undertaken when conservative measures, such as physio have failed to produce the optimal result.

In most cases the Orthopaedic surgeons will ensure that their patients have a comprehensive physio assessment and course of treatment before surgery is contemplated.

A physiotherapy approach will help you prepare physically and mentally prior to surgery. You will be reassured by understanding exactly what the surgery involves and what to expect afterwards. To optimise the results of surgery physio will help mobilise, stabilise and protect the area.

Post-surgery physio will concentrate on restoring optimal mobility, strengthening weak muscles, compensations for any functional loss and restoring normal movement patterns.

Among the Surgery that we can help with is ..

KneeACL reconstruction
Ligament, Tendon or Cartilage repair
Joint replacement
Shoulder Tendon/Ligament/ Joint / Cuff Repairs, Decompressions
Joint Replacement
SpineDiscectomy, Injections, Fusions/stabilisation
HipGroin Injuries
Labral Repair, Resurface, Replacement
Foot/AnkleLigament Repair
Joint Replacement
Achilles Tendon Repair