Meet the team

Abi Ruscombe-King

Abi is Certified as a Level 4 ‘Back Care Specialist’ Pilates Instructor, and Level 2 Gym Instructor. She uses this dual certification, along with an interest in pain neuroscience, and 9 years experience of working with all types of people, to help her clients manage and reduce pain, improve movement, strength, and function, and to get back to doing the activities they enjoy.

Having experienced debilitating back pain herself for many years, she understands the anxiety, fear and frustration that pain and injury brings, and the limitations it can put on living. Her aim is to help he clients find the best way OUT of those limitations and back to full activity.

Abi works only with individuals, in order to provide an individual and tailored approach. Her sessions combine a mix of Clinical Pilates, gym rehab exercises, and education around understanding and managing the pain experience.