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Workspace Assessment

If you think that your office environment is contributing to your back, neck or shoulder symptoms, or are worried that your posture at work will lead to back problems in the future, contact us to arrange a consultation with a physiotherapist in your workplace, it is likely that your employer will even pay for it!

Absenteeism due to musculoskeletal problems costs employers millions of pounds leading lower productivity from staff who ‘battle on’ with back pain, upper limb disorders and other conditions. Our Workplace assessment team, comprising of specifically trained Chartered Physiotherapists can prevent injuries from occurring and provide expert advice on necessary office equipment.

The Service:

  • Assessment of the effect of your current work environment on your physical health.
  • Assessment of the suitability of your current workstation equipment.

Specific advice on:

  • How to set up seat and table height.
  • How to arrange desk and monitor height/ position on desk.
  • The use of workplace accessories and furniture.
  • Stretching and exercises in and outside the workplace either to manage your condition or prevent injury.