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JR Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary clinic of movement specialists. We assess where limitations are and work with you to address them. So whether you’re in pain, recovering from surgery or simply wanting to improve your performance, whatever your age we have the solution. Find out more

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COVID – 19 

We remain OPEN but operating out of the BS3 Workout Clinic

We are following all Covid-19 guidelines ensuring patient and practitioner safety.


What you can do to help:

Please book and pay for your appointment online.*

*If you are covered by a third party, you will need to contact the clinic to schedule your appointment. Please email us, alternatively please leave a voicemail and someone will come back to you.

Please keep an eye on your email and complete any forms prior to attending clinic.

Please do not book a face-to-face consultation if you have symptoms of COVID-19 virus in the previous two weeks, or have had contact with anyone who has the COVID-19 virus in the previous two weeks.

Please arrive only 5 minutes before your consultation time, to minimise your contact with other clients.

Please come wearing a face mask if you have one, if not please put a complimentary one on as soon as you arrive (available in the waiting area).

Please wash your hands for 20 seconds prior to attending and use hand sanitation gel provided on entry and exit.

Please leave promptly after the end of your consultation to reduce interaction with other clients arriving for their consultation.

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James Ross Healthcare







An introduction to James Ross Healthcare


"I cannot recommend James Ross Healthcare highly enough. James' ability to provide treatment through physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and personal training is, in my experience, unique. I was able to use pilates and personal training as part of my treatment, which established a routine to maintain recovery from my lower back pain. I am now pain-free!"

Sarah Hoskinson, Solicitor

"I've had 2 sessions with Natasha so far to help release a 6yr build up of scar tissue in my back. Alongside the sessions I have been given exercises to complete on a daily basis which I have found are helping a lot. The tension in my back isn't as bad as usual, my hip mobility has increased and I'm firing up muscles which hadn't been responding well. Huge thank you for the help and I look forward to my next session."

Taryn Chilton

"I have struggled for years with back problems. Since coming to see Owen Lynch at James Ross Healthcare, my back has Improved and my suffering has stopped."

Jon Caton

"After having ACL knee reconstruction, the team designed a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for me. The programme proved immensely succesful. To have that kind of support and back-up was amazing and it enabled me to achieve my true potential."

Jenny Jones, Olympic Bronze Medal Snowboarder

"Excellent physio practice with friendly and helpful staff. All the right infection control precautions are taken and a video consultation is done first to determine the best course of treatment before coming in is necessary. I can only speak for Owen who treated me but he is very easy to get on with and takes time to explain the treatment and suggest exercises to hep recovery."

Chris Waters


South Bristol

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